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The Administrative Department (AD) is the section of Site-21 dedicated to the overall administration and jurisdiction over Site-21 and its establishments. The jurisdiction of AD includes the facility's financial operations, diplomatic affairs, human resources, ethical politics, quality inspections, and more. The overall mission for the Administrative Department is to ensure that the facility operations run smoothly and efficiently, while also maintaining quality and integrity.

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Site Director: Dr. J. Merlin

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|dob#pcs.12etis|dob

Meetings of the highest order.

Every person's opinion matters, but not everything matters to them. This is what the Board of Directors is responsible for — being the representatives and voices of the lower-ranking people, so that matters that have no significance to them are dealt with properly. The Board of Directors is composed of individuals whom we have given absolute trust to act professionally and with competence. Their leadership and oversight abilities, too, must not be forgotten, as the members of the board are those very people trusted to direct and oversee major facility operations.

- Dr. J. Merlin, not long after his promotion to the Site Director of Site-21.

You can visit them at the Administration Area, in the personnel zone intersection area!


Director of Personnel & Management: Darryl Castillo

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|oi#pcs.12etis|oi

Dr. Negan Morrigon to the Ethics Committee office.

Running a facility this large poses difficult logistical and operational problems — or, more accurately, nightmares. Yet, somehow, hundreds of gears and components are all running simultaneously without everything collapsing into a hot mess. We are the ones making that possible by providing the facility with 24/7 coordinated operations, proper communication, necessary intel, and trustable oversight.

- Director of Personnel & Management, Darryl Castillo

You can visit them at the Site Control Hub, at the front of the Administration Area!


Ethics Liaison: Alexis Gregorios Chronis, Ph.D.

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|ce#pcs.12etis|ce

To do the right.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Foundation has to commit many actions which would normally be considered cruel. But at the same time, the Foundation also has to make sure that it does not commit unnecessary cruel actions, deliberately or not. Therefore, the Ethics Committee was created to decide if actions like feeding children to an anomaly are necessary and to stop them if they are deemed not to be so. At the same time, they also work together with the other investigative divisions to crack down on corruption within the Foundation, no matter at which levels it might appear.

- Alexis Gregorios Chronis, Ph.D.

Interested in becoming a part of the Ethics Committee? All it requires is for you to send an email to EC, stating that you are interested in being initiated.

You can visit them in the Ethics Committee Office, at the left side of the Administration Area!


Chair: Braxton McEwan

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|ecnanif#pcs.12etis|ecnanif

They say we're the most charming bunch.

Diplomacy is an instrument of power essential for the SCP Foundation's interests. We here in the Diplomatic Office maintain the international, and, at times, interdimensional relationships of Site-21. We ensure that the Foundation is able to respond to non-domestic matters and further its interests by communicating with organizations and governments. We also manage contracting, negotiations, public law, and occult politics.

- Diplomatic Relations Chair, Braxton McEwan

You can visit them in the Administrative Offices, to the right of the personnel zone intersection.


Chair: Dr. Adam T. B. Yūdai

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|ecnanif#pcs.12etis|ecnanif

Not even we know where all this money is coming from.

Here at the Office of Financial Affairs, we are committed to providing the facility with a sound financial management system. In a world of strange and enigmatic conditions, where money becomes a blurry subject, we adapt and provide proper systems of reporting budgets, revenues, expenditures and investments. We process investments and maintain compliance with financial organizations and laws.

- Financial Affairs Chair, Dr. Adam T. B. Yūdai

You can visit them in the Administrative Offices, to the right of the personnel zone intersection.


Chair: Waldek Óscar

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|rh#pcs.12etis|rh

Integrity, teamwork, and trust.

Here at Human Resources, we are committed to providing our employees with a stable work environment that fosters an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Through connections and partnerships, the Office of Human Resources recruits high-performing staff from communities and institutions from across the world. We ensure that working at the Foundation is comfortable and safe for personnel, with us also maintaining external concerns, such as families and friends, and the general civilian affairs of our staff.

- Human Resources Chair, Waldek Óscar

You can visit them in the Administrative Offices, to the right of the personnel zone intersection.


Chair: Reece Gallagher

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|mco#pcs.12etis|mco

Coming to you live from Site-21! I'm your host Melon, and you're listening to Radio 21!

Our work here in Communication & Media is often not considered worthy of an administrative office. However, those who hold this belief are often oblivious to what power the media holds. The word "media" is a plural form of "medium," defined as a means by which something is communicated or expressed. We carry the responsibility of providing that medium for people, broadcasting and informing the personnel of Site-21 of the often hard-to-navigate world of the anomalous. With that responsibility comes another responsibility — ensuring that what we produce does not maliciously manipulate or persuade people.

- Communication & Media Chair, Reece Gallagher

You can visit them in the Administrative Offices, in the Facility Control Hub.

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