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Site Director Drugs Employees Out of Frustration at Low Slop Sales

09 Dec 2022 00:48

Site Director Drugs Employees Out of Frustration at Low Slop Sales By Karen Langtavious Sin Quinqleberm The Mask News Reporter | Published December 4th, 2022 | Site-21 FPZ - After a hard...

LCZ "anomalous critter" colony demolished

30 Nov 2022 23:12

By Vico Trevisani 01 Dec 2022, 00:12 LCZ S C and R E staff during the incident. Photo: Vico Trevisani C M Demolition Team Bravo-2 demolishes abandoned tunnels of LCZ A set of abandoned tunnels in...

Personnel Quarters becomes spooky

05 Oct 2022 17:43

By Sarita Tara 05 Oct 2022, 19:43 Staff decorating the Personnel Quarters. Photo: Vico Trevisani The Personnel Quarters is decorated again for the Halloween of 2022 Jack o' lanterns, fake cobweb, and...

Repairs of Personnel Zone delayed

29 Sep 2022 20:05

By Vico Trevisani 29 Sep 2022, 22:05 Personnel Zone, Main Intersection Area Repairs. Photo: Vico Trevisani The repairs of the Personnel Zone are delayed another two months, C M Chief blames lack of...

Security Department declares "Green-D" lockdown of the Light Containment Zone

27 Sep 2022 21:16

By Vico Trevisani 27 Sep 2022, 21:12 Light Containment Zone SCP-407 View. Photo: Vico Trevisani The Security Office declares the Light Containment Zone to be under Green-D lockdown after ...

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