Personnel Dossier
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Simon Anderson

Office of Human Resources Picture of Simon Anderson taken after his training To find light despite the dark. Full name: Simon Anderson Schou Personnel ID Number: 973-192832967913502 Email:...

Sephirah Unit-00 "Angela"

Office of Human Resources Angela at the site of a Way. Full name: Sephirah Unit-00 Angela Personnel ID Number: 678-514870377453715469 Email:...

Artyom Volkov

Office of Human Resources Artyom being interviewed. Full name: Artyom Volkov Personnel ID Number:105-1052763019416981544 Email:pcs.noitadnuof|voklov_moytrA#pcs.noitadnuof|voklov_moytrA sex:...

Rose Anderson

Office of Human Resources Rose in the Foundation Personnel Zone. Full name: Rose Anderson Personnel ID Number: 494-514870377453715469 Email:...

Lucy Warrick

Office of Human Resources Lucy Warrick in Sector Black. Full name: Lucy Wren Warrick Personnel ID Number: 466416648181858828299 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|WycuL#pcs.noitadnuof|WycuL Sex: Female...

Sedna A. Whitelock

Office of Human Resources {Intern Whitelock at the entrance of Site-21} Full name: Sedna A'akuluujjusi Whitelock Personnel ID Number: 613-4668 Email:...

Doggo Williams

Office of Human Resources Full name: Doggo Williams Personnel ID Number: 4849094328902 Email: gro.noitadnuof|smailliwoggod#gro.noitadnuof|smailliwoggod Security Clearance: Level 2 Personnel Class:...

Mea Maple

Office of Human Resources Mea in the Site-21 Reception Area. Full name: Mea Maple Personnel ID Number: 924-375130210741256205 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|elpaMM#pcs.noitadnuof|elpaMM Sex: Female...

Catherine Maple

Office of Human Resources Catherine in an LCZ lab. Full name: Catherine Maple Personnel ID Number: 897-514870377453715469 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|elpam.enirehtac#pcs.noitadnuof|elpam.enirehtac...

Caleb Jameson

Office of Human Resources Caleb Jameson Picked up on a Security Camera before his Interview with The Foundation. Full name: Cory Martin Personnel ID Number: 920-7475 Email:...

John Thomas Ward

Office of Human Resources John in Site-21. Full name: John Thomas Ward Personnel ID Number: 454-514870377453715469 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|draw.nhoj#pcs.noitadnuof|draw.nhoj Sex: Male Ethnicity:...

Gordon Hunter

Office of Human Resources A picture of Gordon Hunter. Full name: Gordon Hunter Personnel ID Number: 365-6943 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|hnodrog#pcs.noitadnuof|hnodrog Sex: Male Height: 176 cm...

Mark Wilson

Office of Human Resources Image of Mark off-duty in his office. Full Name: Mark Wilson Personnel ID Number: 137-244675363974807552 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|nosliwm#pcs.noitadnuof|nosliwm Sex: Male...

Dr. "Slime"

Office of Human Resources Image of Dr. Slime working through Site-05. Full name: Title: Dr. Slime Personnel ID Number: 529-6911 Email: pcs.12s|emils#pcs.12s|emils Sex: Male Ethnicity:...

Dylan Philip Walker

Office of Human Resources Dylan Walker, after arriving at the foundation. Full name: Dylan Philip Walker Personnel ID Number: 311416648181858828299 Email:...

William Pentacus

Office of Human Resources William nearing the entrance of the site. Full name: William Pentacus Personnel ID Number: 691-988794067242594364 Email:...

Clover Evans

Office of Human Resources Clover Evans Security . Full name: Clover Evans Personnel ID Number: 993-943923223242 Email:PCS.noitadnuof|snavErevolC#PCS.noitadnuof|snavErevolC Security Clearance:...

"Sun 'Blank' Tzu"

Office of Human Resources Photo of Sun Blank Tzu after his promotion to Security Sergeant. Full name: Brandon Pollard Alias: Sun 'Blank' Tzu / 1-4 Blank Personnel ID Number:...

Lily Edward

Security and Containment Intern SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File: - hide this...

Noah Preword

Office of Human Resources Noah Preword after moving into his office. Full name: Noah Preword Personnel ID Number: 654-923833554037792779 Email:...

Mariyano Armazi Vazqez Soghomonyan

Office of Human Resources A Photo of Mariyano at Site 21. Full name: Mariyano Armazi Vazqez Soghomonyan (Մարիյանո Արմազի Վազկեզ Սողոմոնյան) Personnel ID Number: 274-381659418535788545 Email:...

Richard 'Acey' Wright

Office of Human Resources Name: Richard Acey Wright Personnel ID Number: 966-945718890116296745 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|yeca#pcs.noitadnuof|yeca Sex: Male Ethnicity: White (British) Height: 190.5 cm...

Andromeda Solace

Office of Human Resources Picture of Andromeda Solace soon after recruitment WORK IN PROGRESS Full Name: Andromeda Solace Personnel ID Number: 624-376749105575362560 Email:...

Rick L. Temero

Office of Human Resources Full Name: Rick Lucio Temero Personnel ID Number: 581-289919690539794432 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|oremetr#pcs.noitadnuof|oremetr Sex: Male Height: 5'11 / 180.34cm Weight:...

Pavel Kozlov

Office of Human Resources Kozlov along with 2 others putting out a fire caused by 457 Full name: Pavel Yuri Kozlov Personnel ID Number: 933-399007123683409940 Email:...

Calvin Park

Calvin Park in the Texas Research Center Full name: Calvin Park Personnel ID Number: 656-791715582302224414 Email: pcs.12s|krapnivlac#pcs.12s|krapnivlac Sex: Male Height: 194cm Weight: 75kg...

James "Salvo" Conway

Office of Human Resources Salvo running a deep reconnisance operation. Sure, I can get into a fistfight with a scip and win. I can deadlift three times my own weight. But to top it all off,...

Aaron Smith

Office of Human Resources Full name: Aaron Robert Smith Personnel ID Number: 296 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|htimsnoraa#pcs.noitadnuof|htimsnoraa Sex: Male Ethnicity: Danes Height: 181 Weight: 70.8...

Emilia Remi Alberts

Office of Human Resources SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File 1: - hide this...

Amare Karim

Office of Human Resources Full name: Amare Karim Personnel ID Number: 922-399007123683409940 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|eramamirak#pcs.noitadnuof|eramamirak Sex: Male Ethnicity: Kurdish Height: 180.3cm...


Office of Human Resources Full Name: Enders Personnel ID Number: 703-464695314063032340 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|srednE#pcs.noitadnuof|srednE Sex: Male Height: 190.5 cm Weight: 93.7 kg Enlistment Date:...

Oliver Smith

Office of Human Resources SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File 1: - hide this...

Jürgen Edric Schlender

Office of Human Resources Basic information Full name: Jürgen Edric Schlender Personnel ID Number: 267-1003662160783757352 Sex: Male Ethnicity: German Height: 180 cm Weight: 77 kg Birthplace:...

Dr. Cakoris G.

Office of Human Resources Intern Cakoris and Medical officer Pietersen dealing with an anomalous incident. -- Perhaps it'd be wise to not ampitate this one - Cakoris G Full name: Dr. Cakoris...

Erich Richard Alberts

Office of Human Resources SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File 1: - hide this...

Jackson Hanner

Full Name: Jackson Blake Hanner Personnel ID Number: 521-842754469384820632 Email: pcs.12s|naHnoskcaJ#pcs.12s|naHnoskcaJ Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 170.2cm Weight: 78.7Kg Birthplace:...

Leaf Newgarten

Office of Human Resources Full name: Leaf Newgarten Personnel ID Number: 237-476753239157637123 Email: pcs.12s|faelwen#pcs.12s|faelwen Sex: X Height: 5’7” Weight: 135 lbs Birthplace: United Kingdom...

Gavriil Vasilyev

Full name: Gavriil Vasilyev Personnel ID Number: 762-798934110004576267 Email: gro.noitadnuof|9267veylisaV#gro.noitadnuof|9267veylisaV Sex: Male Ethnicity: Russian Height: 176.64 Weight: 70...

Matt Carter

Full Name: Matt Carter Personnel ID Number:482-1303 Email: pcs.12s|retracm#pcs.12s|retracm Sex:Male Ethnicity:Caucasian Height:173cm Weight:83kg Birthplace:Qulin, Missouri, United States Date of...

Jason Bryn

Name: Jason Bryn Personnel ID Number: 044-82044 Email: moc.liamg|noitadnuof.40nyrbj#moc.liamg|noitadnuof.40nyrbj Sex: Male Ethnicity: Bulgaria Europe Height: 170cm Weight:80KG Birthplace: United...

Tunkes Crawford

Name: Tunkes Crawford Personnel ID Number:444-621297026776301599 Email: gro.noitadnuof|seknuT#gro.noitadnuof|seknuT Sex: Male Ethnicity: African American Height: 182cm Weight:79.5KG Birthplace:...

Serena James

Full name: Serena James Personnel ID Number: 776-476753239157637123 Email: gro.noitadnuof|semajs#gro.noitadnuof|semajs Sex: Female Ethnicity: White British Height: 5'5 Weight: 116 lbs Birthplace:...

Tyrone Sanders

Full Name: Tyrone Alexander Sanders Personal ID Number: #0086 Sex:Male Ethnicity: African American Height:192 cm Weight: 84Kg Birthplace:Dallas, Texas, United States of America Date of Birth: August...

Hermann Luitpold Hassler

CODE CODE Office of Human Resources Full name: Hermann Luitpold Hassler Personnel ID Number: 214-929790900538851449 Email: pcs.12s|relssah.dloptiul.nnamreh#pcs.12s|relssah.dloptiul.nnamreh...

Becket Wynnee

Office of Human Resources SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File 1: - hide this...

Ford Douglas

Full name :Ford Douglas Personnel ID Number: 134-5087) Email: (gro.noitadnuof|droFsalguoD#gro.noitadnuof|droFsalguoD) Sex: M Ethnicity: Caucasion, Europe Height: 1.88 cm / 6.18 Foot Weight: 81 Kg /...

Dr. Egbert-Jan Boudewijn Pietersen

Full name: Egbert-Jan Boudewijn Pietersen Personnel ID Number: 326-475418161450319892 Email: pcs.12s|nesreteiPBJE#pcs.12s|nesreteiPBJE Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian / Dutch Height: 190 cm Weight: 90...

Mustafa Kayra

CODE CODE Fullname: Mustafa Kayra Personnel ID Number:193378628891952021516 Email:pcs.12s|yaKsuM#pcs.12s|yaKsuM Sex: Male Ethnicity: Turkish Height: 1,8 meters Weight: 80 Birthplace: İzmir,...

Dr. Thijmen Jansen

Personal information Full name: Thijmen Jansen Personnel ID number: 785 Email: gro.noitadnuof|lnesnaj.nemjiht#gro.noitadnuof|lnesnaj.nemjiht Sex: Male Ethnicity: Dutch Height: 175 cm Weight: 60 kg...

Dr. Holland

Full name: Stephen James Holland Personnel ID Number: 863-8256 Email: gro.noitadnuof|dcs-jrr#gro.noitadnuof|dcs-jrr Sex: Male Ethnicity: English-Norwegian Height: 5'10 Weight: 163 lbs / 73.9 kg...

Dr. Richard Jorgenson

General Information Full name: Richard Roberto Jorgenson Personnel ID Number: 823-8556 Email: gro.noitadnuof|dcs-jrr#gro.noitadnuof|dcs-jrr Sex: Male Ethnicity: English-Italian Height: 5'10 Weight:...

Dr. Lucian Morosanu

opening file 323-3535 General Information Full name: Dr. Lucian Morosanu Personnel ID Number: 323-3535 Email: gro.noitadnuof|mnaiculrd#gro.noitadnuof|mnaiculrd Sex: Male Ethnicity: Romanian Height:...

dr Angelica Aqua

Full name: Angelica Aqua Personnel ID Number: 8527851 Email: pcs.12s|aUqAaCileGnArD#pcs.12s|aUqAaCileGnArD Sex:Female Ethnicity:British Height:177 Weight:46kg Birthplace:London , England Date of...

Mr. Banana

Full name: Nick Nickolis Banana Rodriguez Personnel ID Number: 220-7744 Email: gro.noitadnuof|ananaBN#gro.noitadnuof|ananaBN Sex: Male Ethnicity: Hispanic Age: 36 Height: 1.80m (5'11ft) Weight:...

John Wilson

Note: John Wilson is to not go outside unsupervised or be left near any unreinforced windows. Security or members of Site Administration is to keep an eye on Wilson. He is to be kept on Site and...

Blaines Anderson

Image of Blaines Anderson Full Name: Blaines Anderson Personnel ID Number: 157-118237128010263831 Email: gro.noitadnuof|nosrednAB#gro.noitadnuof|nosrednAB Sex: Male Age: 42 Ethnicity: Australian...

Victor Smith

Full name: Victor Smith Personnel ID Number: 862-577122861404258304 Email: gro.noitadnuof|htimSrotciV#gro.noitadnuof|htimSrotciV Sex: Male Age: 36 Ethnicity: English Height: 1.78 cm Weight: 80 kg...

Lady Joy

Image of Lady Joy Full Name: Joy Andrea Sophia Camila Mora Personnel ID Number: 888-6226 Email: gro.noitadnuof|yoJalimaC#gro.noitadnuof|yoJalimaC Sex: Female Ethnicity: Hispanic Age: 38 Height:...

Frederick Grant

Full name:Frederick Grant Personnel ID Number: 445-9563 Email:gro.noitadnuof|GkcirederF#gro.noitadnuof|GkcirederF Sex:male Ethnicity:Caucasian Height:175.5 cm Weight:84 kg Birthplace:5936 Walnut St...

Arthur Kaine

Full Name: Arthur “Machine” Kaine Personnel ID Number: 645-975483590760291206 Email: gro.noitadnuof|aeniak#gro.noitadnuof|aeniak Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 181cm Weight: 82kg Birthplace:...

Michael Cooper

Full name: Michael Cooper Sex: Male ID: E-mail: gro.noitadnuof|repooCleahciM#gro.noitadnuof|repooCleahciM Height: 187cm Weight: 87,9kg Birthplace: New York, USA Date of Birth: March 4, 1991 Enlistment...

Dr. Tryphosa WK

Dr. Tryphosa during her visit to Site-21 Full name: Tryphosa Winduled Krieg Personnel ID Number: 249-173028692077969408 Email: gro.noitadnuof|KWasohpyrT#gro.noitadnuof|KWasohpyrT Sex: Female...

Mr. Rogers

Full name: Elijah Rogers Personnel ID: 953-821863274295328859 Email: pcs.12s|etihwsiyesomlil#pcs.12s|etihwsiyesomlil Sex: Male Ethnicity: Scottish Height: 75 Weight: 172lbs Birthplace: El Paso,...

Dr. Evans

Full Name: Evan Clarkson Personnel ID Number: 270-579492603767291904 Email: gro.noitadnuof|cnave#gro.noitadnuof|cnave Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 186cm Weight: 83kg Birthplace: Bloomington,...

Dr. Mathias R. Mata

Picture of Dr. Mathias R. Mata Full name: Mathias Rit Mata Sex: Male ID: 738757206719070248 E-mail: gro.noitadnuof|ataMsaihtaM#gro.noitadnuof|ataMsaihtaM Height: 187cm Weight: 91,7kg Birthplace:...

Chris Wilson

Full Name: Christopher K. Wilson Personnel ID Number: 673-612330718583848970 Email: pcs.12s|liwsirhc#pcs.12s|liwsirhc Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 180.6cm Weight: 77.2Kg Birthplace: Salt...

Tim Schuffberger

CODE CODE Full name: Tim Manuel Schuffberger, LL.B. Personnel ID Number: 928-394885385303359499 Email: gro.noitadnuof|regrebffuhcsmit#gro.noitadnuof|regrebffuhcsmit Sex: Male Ethnicity: German...

James Harley

Full name: James Harley Personnel ID Number: 231-865196466942902274 Email: pcs.12s|yelrahsemaj#pcs.12s|yelrahsemaj Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 187cm (6'1 ) Weight: 80 kg (176 pounds)...

Jeannie Yeon

Office of Human Resources SECURITY CLEARANCE 1 REQUIRED Welcome user. Please be aware that any non-authorized personnel accessing the files will be [REDACTED]. + Access File 1: - hide this...

Dr. Joshua A

Office of Human Resources Type caption here. Full name: Joshua A Personnel ID Number: 031-454424397021970432 Email: pcs.noitadnuof|AauhsoJ#pcs.noitadnuof|AauhsoJ Sex: Male Ethnicity:...

Foundation Intelligence Retrieval

Office of Human Resources FIR along with several others examining a diseased individual Full name: Foundation Intelligence Retrieval Personnel ID Number: 630-399007123683409940 Email:...

Seargent "Ghost"

Office of Human Resources Ssgt Ghost and LT Dan Hammer during the Meow incident. Remain calm, weapons up, Dont show any fear, they love when your afraid - SS Ghost Full name: Sean Turner...

Alexander Kenneth Oakley

Full Name: Alexander Kenneth Oakley Callsign: Spectre Email: gro.noitadnuof|yelkaOxelA#gro.noitadnuof|yelkaOxelA Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5 feet 11 inches Birthplace: Cornwall, England...

Dr. Grant Blond

Picture of Dr. Grant Blond Full Name: Grant P. Blond Personnel ID Number: 682-694027507082723358 Email: gro.noitadnuof|dnolbpg#gro.noitadnuof|dnolbpg Sex: Male Ethnicity: White American Height:...

Jack Derp

Picture of Jack Derp shortly after their interview with the Foundation Full Name: Jack Derp Personnel ID Number: 482-349915646324375563 Email: pcs.12s|predj#pcs.12s|predj Sex: Male Ethnicity:...

Dr. Ray

Picture of Dr. Ray Full name: Ray Charles Personnel ID Number: 206-424530206704009217 Email: gro.noitadnuof|selrahc.r#gro.noitadnuof|selrahc.r Sex: Male Ethnicity: European Height: 175cm Weight:...

Dr. Cobra

Full Name: #?#?# “Cobra” ?#?#?#?# Alias: Cobra Personnel ID Number: 351-312632761787613185 Email: gro.noitadnuof|arboC#gro.noitadnuof|arboC Sex: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 173cm Weight: 83kg...

Samu Blank

GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND! - Samu Blank to Ron Hoskins, Operation Kenopsia 2nd day Foundation agents stimulating Samu's memory of his torture during Incident 610 Full name: Samu Blank...

Ron Hoskins

Picture of Ron after Operation Kenopsia Full Name: Ron Hoskins Personnel ID Number: 628-221913916605726720 Email: gro.noitadnuof|sniksohnor#gro.noitadnuof|sniksohnor Sex: Male Ethnicity: African...

Dr. John Merlin

Division of Human Resources Picture of Dr. Merlin during the construction of the ICOS Full Name: John Merlin Personnel ID Number: 210-221913916605726720 Email:...

Negan Morrigon

CODE CODE What? I can't hear you! Personality Traits Willingness to exaggerate for the sake of a good argument, a wit that shines through adversity, great personal charm, and warmth, and...

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