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The Scientific Department (ScD) is a broad department with a wide array of divisions, each specializing in its own field of expertise. It ranges from standardized testing using protocols from across the Foundation, to working with occultic rituals that violate the very nature of time and space. All divisions within the department share the same goal of understanding anomalies and ensuring we have methods to secure and contain them — protecting the public from unspeakable horrors.


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1. Azark hunters and Azark Shadow People Incident 08 Jul 2023 01:38
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5. IB-430 The Burning Man Incident 18 Jul 2022 15:05
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Head Researcher: Dr. Arlo A.

Contact them here: pcs.12s|er#pcs.12s|er

Adaptation is key.

Research and Experimentation. The backbone of the Scientific Department. If there is something that doesn't fit in, we deal with it. The R&E division is the broadest of all divisions, exploring all fundamental sciences of the world with the spin of the anomalies. Being a researcher in R&E doesn't just mean "mad scientist throwing Class-Ds at anomalies." No, the work is precise and beneficial to the Foundation. The countless unpredictable anomalies we have in containment and the numerous number of SCPs that get discovered every year lead to an inconsistent set of rules. Therefore we can not have rules, and that's what we are about. Being able to work with anything, secure it, contain it, and protect it, no matter how unconventional and strange it is.

- Arlo A.

Interested in joining the Site-21 Research & Experimentation Division? All it requires is for you to send an email to R&E, stating that you are interested in an internship.

You can visit them in the Science Wing, in the Gate-C lobby


Head Researcher: Carlo Rossi

Contact them here: pcs.12etis|em#pcs.12etis|em

Providing the means.

Every combative needs equipment, and with the threats the Foundation has to face, ours need the best equipment. In order to make sure that our combative units are always up to the task, the Weaponry and Equipment Division develops and produces state-of-the-art and sometimes even unheard-of equipment. You want a laser rifle, a tesla gun or maybe a wall breaching plasma lance? We will have you covered soon.

- Previous Head Researcher Dr. Cobra

Interested in joining the Site-21 Mechanical Engineering Division? All it requires is for you to send an email to ME, stating that you are interested in an internship.

You can visit them in the Weaponry and Equipment zone, in the science wing!


Head Researcher: John Merlin

Contact them here: pcs.12s|otno#pcs.12s|otno

Reality is what you make it.

Describing us as mere wizards is the most common way to disrespect the work of the Ontokinetics division. It is like calling modern chemists ancient alchemists, whose practices were supported by superstition. In Ontokinetics, we study reality itself. If the meaning of reality is defined by us, can "us" not alter it too, then? In Ontokinetics, we explore just this. The plethora of occultic practices, the reality benders we give classifications such as "Type Green," the realities where reality isn't present, and most importantly, the usage and application of all this. While it might not all be classified as bending reality, it all still falls under Ontokinetics, whether it is plucking the strings of reality, or separating reality itself. Ontokinetics is a mix of understanding the philosophies of metaphysics and applying the practices of thaumatology, anartism, and so on to solve problems. We play the rules of thaumatology, we learn the rules of metaphysics, and we break the rules of reality itself.

- John Merlin

Interested in joining the Site-21 Ontokinetics? All it requires is for you to send an email to Ontokinetics, stating that you are interested in an internship.

You can visit them in their Laboratory, in the science wing!


Head Researcher: N/A
Contact them here: pcs.12etis|LP#pcs.12etis|LP

They say our experiments may one day cause the site to blow up. In my opinion, I feel much safer knowing it would be one of us doing it and not an anomaly we failed to contain.

Coming soon

- Coming soon

Interested in joining the Site-21 Protocol Laboratory Division? All it requires is for you to send an email to PL, stating that you are interested in an internship.

Coming soon


Head Researcher: David Jonas (TBD)
Contact them here: pcs.12etis|la#pcs.12etis|la

Technology is the future.

Do you have a Mekhanite Augmentation? If not, then answer this simple question: Why don't you have one yet? Is it because you don't trust the technology? Don't want to lose an arm or leg? Don't want to sell your soul to the Bumaro's? Well, all of these answers are wrong. The technology is safe and used by hundreds of personnel across the foundation. And the procedure is safe too. And even if you don't want Mekhanite Tech, we have plenty of other augmentations to fit your every need."

- David Jonas (TBD)

Interested in helping to advance knowledge of Mekhanite technology, and maybe even perform some procedures on yourse- on others? Just send an email to the lab requesting an internship!

Coming Soon

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