IB-280 Food Poisoning Disaster

Incident Report: IB-280 Food Poisoning Disaster

Incident Date: 30-06-2022 0842 - 0921
Incident Location: Medium Containment Zone SCP-811's Containment Chamber
Cause of Incident: Food Poisoning MaD "Barry"
Status: On-hold Subject detained, SCP contained in temporary chamber. Need repair of SCP-811's chamber.


SCP-811 was tranquilized due to an incident involving MaD cook Barry who was scheduled to prepare the food of SCP-811. SCP-811 reacted heavily with the food given and proceeded to wreak havoc in the chamber, injuring two SC personnel and damaging the containment door.


08:42 AM: S&C Guard G. Wallace lets MaD cook Barry in at the outer containment area of SCP-811's containment chamber. He is carrying the daily prepared food for SCP-811, purely routine. It is noted that there had been no quality check on the food.

08:46 AM: S&C Guard G. Wallace notifies S&C Officer J. Lang that the food has arrived, and they both ascend to the top of SCP-811's inner chamber. At the top, Officer J. Lang drops the food for SCP-811 who had been awaiting the routine food. From both security footage and personal records, SCP-811 has no trouble consuming the food.

08:55 AM: A scream is heard from the inner chamber and S&C Guard T. Rickford, with a tranq gun in hand, rushes to the top of the chamber. SCP-811 is seen violently attacking Officer J. Lang as Guard G. Wallace attempts to break them apart. From personal records of Officer J. Lang and Guard G. Wallace, SCP-811 began acting violent and aggressive after consuming the food given. Security Footage confirmed this.

08:57 AM: SCP-811 bashes into the containment door as it lunges towards Guard T. Rickford. SCP-811 damages the door and misses Guard T. Rickford. He reacts by firing the tranq gun precisely two times.

09:01 AM: SCP-811 is in a tranquilized state.

09:05 AM: SCP-811 is moved by Guard T. Rickford to a temporary holding cage while Guard G. Wallace attempts to help the injured Officer J. Lang.

09:21 AM: MaD "Barry" is detained after a short investigation and quick decision of Lieutenant D. Hammer.


Personnel Injured:
  • Security & Containment:
    • 2 Minorly Injured personnel
  • Assets Compromised:
    • 1 Containment Door


There is currently lacking an in-depth investigation of Barry and his actions. Internal Operations has been notified.
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